An Open Letter to Democrats

by RadioFreeCalifornia

Dear Democrats,
Please realize that after November, all of the inbreds and deplorables that Trump has raised up will not simply go quietly into the night.
The fantasy you have that they will respect the system is just that — a fantasy.
They are already armed to the teeth, they’re mad and they will want blood.
“Oh but they’re just a bunch of disorganized dumbshits! They’ll have no where to go after November!”
First, let me say only the ones who are caught are disorganized. Old saying: every rat you see means ten you didn’t.
They are already organized on social media, in mailing groups, and even in the old school Klans and Aryan Nations. Both groups have had huge surges in membership as of late.
They have infiltrated the police departments. Not a week goes by where a cop isn’t brought up on disciplinary measures because of some “off color” comment on social media.
And by “off color” I mean straight up racist “kill the minority and/or liberal” comment.
These are the rats you are seeing.
Infiltrating the police departments has been a white supremacist goal since the 70s.
Is it any wonder why we are seeing so much blue-on-black murders today?
Some white supremacists were just caught trying to bomb a mosque on the day after the election. The FBI has come out and said white supremacists are far more likely to kill you than an Islamic jihadist.
And now, Trump’s supporters are letting their flags fly high. They’re coming right out and saying they are white supremacists, advocate murder of all minorities, etc.
So dearest Democrats…get your fucking heads out of the sand and start seeing what is going all around you. Or, try asking a POC what is going on rather than telling them it’s all in their heads.
They’ll let you know. They have been trying to tell you for years.