Silence Like a Cancer Grows

by RadioFreeCalifornia

Nobody out there, not Bernie, not Stein, not HRC, not Warren, nobody…has addressed the big question, the elephant in the room:

What are we going to do about our toxic racism problem?

We have cops executing black people and then salting the scene

We have white racists taking their side, despite the videos, the evidence and the overwhelming proof it was an execution

We have Trump and his monkeys openly parading their racist and anti-Semitic hatred all over the place. At rallies, online, openly in conversations with friends and co-workers

We have a SCOTUS that declared racism is over, and the Civil Rights Act is null and void

A little history lesson: South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) didn’t always have apartheid policies.

Like in many countries, World War II created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the cities to build the war effort. Before the war, cities like Salisbury (now Harare,) Johannesburg and Cape Town had white majorities. With the war effort in full swing, many rural blacks moved to the cities to build better lives.

After the war, 1948 to be exact, whites were in the minority and the Apartheid system was born. Out of fear.

The policies behind apartheid existed before the war, that’s for sure. But they weren’t codified into law until after WWII.

Fast forward to today and whites are becoming a minority in the US, and white racists are shitting themselves.

So what you are seeing is a last gasp from the dying white majority. Slogans like “diversity is white genocide” and the like.

The biggest question today is not about Russia, China or TPP but what are we going to do about the racist cancer that is metastasizing in the USA today?

Yes, it was there before, but it is now growing, unchecked.

The tumor must be removed, stat, unless we want to go the route of post-war South Africa.