Bernie Sanders

by RadioFreeCalifornia

Whatever your impression of Bernie is, whether you support him or not…

Fighting until the end of the primary, even though you’ve lost, is admirable.

It’s something you never see in politics — integrity.

Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

What Bernie is doing is exactly that.

He said he was going to fight for this until the bitter end, come hell or high water, and he did it.

It is that marathon runner, long since the top runners finished and the crowds cleared, crossing that finish line, knowing he or she did EVERYTHING they possibly could to run, and finish that race.

This is dignity, ladies and gentlemen. This is the very definition of “statesman,” a word you wouldn’t use on any of the remaining candidates. At least not in this sense.

Certainly not the former rivals of Trump, who later endorsed him for some lump sum of cash or cabinet. Their faces were ashen with shame as they mournfully offered their support of the man they once vilified.

We missed our chance with a man who had integrity and dignity in every sense of the word.

Years later, after this election, people will still talk about Bernie, the same way we speak of Eugene Debs, Henry Wallace and Robert Kennedy.

Men who, despite their faults and despite being up against a seemingly insurmountable enemy — fought for what was right no matter what.