The Hypervisor of Consciousness

by RadioFreeCalifornia

In computing, there is something called a “hypervisor.” It is the core behind host virtualization.

Stay with me.

What a hypervisor does, is allow you run more than one operating system on a computer — but concurrently. That means you can have a computer that runs, say, Android and iOS both at the same time, and neither one has to know the other exists.

The hypervisor manages the different operating systems, and keeps them from bumping into each other by convincing them they are the only machine running.

They can acknowledge each other if sharing the same network, but they think they are separate machines.

Using this, you can even have one operating system running background tasks that inform another operating system that a user deals with.

Our consciousness is like that hypervisor. We have different “brains” if you will, each running different “operating systems” — sometimes in conflict with each other. And they communicate with themselves as well as other operating systems using chemical and electrical signals.

Your executive functioning is one of these, and it’s one that deals with how the others act.

Your subconscious is another, and much like an operating system running “background tasks” — informing your other brains.

Studies have shown that this subconscious even controls things you think you are doing yourself.

When you take on an ethos or religion, it is like adding a new “brain” to the hypervisor that is your consciousness.

Freewill assumes there is someone sitting in a control room, directing these on a high level.

But here’s the catch — there is no guy sitting in the control room.

There are times your executive functioning can be shut down (fight or flight) and there is no guy in the control room.

Even the executive functioning is dependent on those background processes done in the subconscious.

So essentially you have all of these operating systems floating around, each one having control of parts, or the entire system, at different points.

In short: there is no freewill — simply a collection of operating systems or different “brains” each rolling across the hypervisor of your consciousness.