Information Technology is Dead. Long live Information Technology!

by RadioFreeCalifornia

Pretty sure the IT industry is in for a huge shake up.

This goes beyond the current tech bubble and it’s bursting.

I am talking about the end of the IT data center.

Think about what a loss leader a data center is. Even if you offload it to the cloud, you still have to pay a lot of money, which in turns pays for cooling/heating, lighting, power, connectivity, the connection to the backbone, not to mention the hardware, software, services and support.

And then you have to hire someone to run it. Usually at least with 24 x 7 response.

Now what if you took the data center, shrunk it, and took it out of those big air conditioned rooms that boom with white noise.

Virtualization and hyperconvergence technologies have shrunk servers to such small sizes, you can have a 100+ server data center in something the size of four pizza boxes.

These servers aren’t going to get any larger, and they will continuously get denser and denser, while becoming more and more powerful.

Now let’s look at the slowest part of any IT infrastructure: the network.

No matter how fast they go, it will always be a bottleneck.

And people are really sick of wires.

So what if you could collapse the entire data center into really small, modular, plug and play wifi stations?

With redundancy and replication you could have your fault tolerance, high availability and the ability to scale by just screwing in one of these super wifi stations and turning it on.

Now imagine everything from databases, to email, to app servers, to security systems, to even the virtual desktops at everyone’s console — imagine that as floating virtual machines that do not live on big iron servers and independent hard disks.

No hard drives, no memory, no storage arrays, no network switches, no processors….

Just little wifi appliances that can be added or removed without interruption.

The technology is all there. Someone just has to put it together.

And when that happens, the IT industry will collapse.

Sure it will still exist, but it will be kind of like how inter office mail has been replaced by email.